Dr. Margot Gage Witvliet

Assistant Professor | Social Epidemiologist | Veteran Advocate


My research centers on investigating societal challenges (often referred to as 'wicked problems') and population health using a global perspective.

I do this by investigating how one person's health can drastically differ from another person's health living in a different community. My research looks to answer questions such as, how does the health of a single mother differ from a coupled mother? And do these differences have anything to do with the country or neighborhood that she lives?

My goal is to uncover the role of societal factors and policies on the influence of population health and health disparities.

Moving to Beaumont, Texas (i.e. Cancer Alley), where poor air quality is considered the "smell of money," I expanded my research agenda to include environmental health and justice issues. I am also work to advance public knowledge on medical cannabis.

My research on corruption and health was used as part of their supporting evidence at the Kaiser Family Foundation Roundtable. The United Nations has also referenced my research on corruption and health in their 73rd General Assembly document. My work on lone mothers is quoted by Reuters News. MSN.com featured my work on the environment and my work on medical cannabis has been covered on 12NewsNow. I am the recipient of a number of grants and awards.

(See below a selection of my publications)


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